by Eschatos

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released December 1, 2017

Kristiāna Kārkliņa — vocals
Edgars Gultnieks — guitars
Mārtiņš Platais – guitars, bass, keyboards
Tomass Beķeris — bass
Edvards Percevs — drums
Marko Rass — keyboards, organ, effects, vocals.

Additional percussions on “Luminary Eye Against the Sky” by Einārs Latiševs.
Music by eschatos. and Jānis Bušs.
Lyrics by Kristiāna Kārkliņa.

Cover and artwork by Vita Ivantcha. Design by Edvards Percevs.

Produced by eschatos. Recorded and engineered at Hodila and eschatos. studios by Mārtiņš Platais. Mixed by Mārtiņš Platais, UxCx Productions. Mastered by Dan Swanö, Unisound.




Eschatos Riga, Latvia

eschatos is Latvian six-piece post black metal act known for their haunting live performances and unconventional approach to the genre. Fusing together black metal, post metal, heavy electronic textures, folk elements and vocal experimentation eschatos forms a unique soundscape taking listeners on a saturated sonic journey. ... more

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Track Name: Luminary Eye Against the Sky
on the yellow fields
he calls us home
under purple moons
under the cracked sky
I stir my death
in God’s infinite silence
I stir my death
under unearthly weight
with burning red eyes
under purple moons
on the yellow fields
on the yellow fields of wheat
he calls upon us
on the yellow fields
under hordes of black crows
I await
the glory of His art
locking entry to remorse
painting thick night
over my heavy eyes
in sleep
I am locked
under unearthly weight
is my death
even a death to you?
Track Name: The Night of the White Devil (part I, II & III)
I step into the sun
with face covered in blood
and wine and gold

I feast with the dead
I burn
the flames of emptiness
embrace my peeling skin
I am a sick man
I am a spiteful man
with no tomorrow in sight
I am present
I step into the sun
with face covered in blood
and wine and gold
I rest with the dead
I mourn thee
floating face down
in the river of grey
and I am silent
hanging rocks around my neck
while walking further
towards the unmoved
with lips of lurid blue
faceless and nonexistent
and I am silent
when the moon is hanging low
over the sea with no shores
over the nameless grave
under the crystalline light
hail them as they no longer live
I hail them
on the Night of the White Devil
I travel through the days long gone
I see the void above me and beyond
I lift my eyes
upon the ragged moon
and I see my glare
choking and pale
from dark to blazing light
from dark to blazing light
and even silence
speaks to me in tongues

I had a dream
I died
I sat in the golden chariot
crowned with the black moon
and the golden sun
with red eyed crows rushing me forward
I bite my wrist
one and then the other
I felt the blood on my tongue
I chew the skin I was born in
the one I could never find
and before I fell into deep blue slumber
on the Night of the White Devil
I could feel black water flowing through my lungs
and I could feel cool black soil caress my aching skin
and I drank my downfall
a notorious failure
from a golden chalice
and I drank
and I drank

the brother of sleep
take me back
where I belong
put me back into ground

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